School Year

Embark on a transformative educational journey with Wonderworld Montessori Academy's School Year Program, spanning from August to June the following year. Our meticulously crafted curriculum blends the foundational principles of the Montessori method with comprehensive classes designed to inspire and empower young minds. From language and mathematics to science, cultural studies, and practical life skills, our program provides a holistic learning experience that nurtures intellectual curiosity and fosters a love for exploration. Through hands-on activities, multi-sensory materials, and personalized guidance, children embark on a dynamic learning adventure where they are encouraged to discover, question, and create. Our dedicated educators cultivate a supportive learning environment where every child's unique strengths and interests are celebrated, laying the foundation for a lifetime of academic success and personal fulfillment. Join us on this enriching journey of growth and discovery at Wonderworld Montessori Academy's School Year Program. Wonderworld Montessori Academy follows the Broward County School Calendar.