A Letter From Our Founder

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and explore the possibilities Wonderworld Montessori Academy may present to you and your family. We have opened our doors to bring your children the opportunity to learn through the Montessori philosophy and preserve their childhood as a time of innocence and discovery. We aspire to challenge and support students in reaching their highest academic and personal potential.

I invite you to take a look at the age-appropriate curriculum, instructional methods, accountability, and resources we offer to meet the needs of students at each developmental level. Our Montessori approach is proven to capture students’ interests while inspiring a love of learning, self-direction, self-control and strength of character at an early age.

Wonderworld Montessori Academy curriculum and methods provide a strong foundation for your children. Learning is reinforced with hands-on activities in the primary years and through real-world experience materials, lessons, books, games, music, etc. Personal development is enriched and balanced through school day programs and after school enrichment opportunities.

You are welcome to visit our campus, take a tour, and if you’d like-- arrange a time to discuss the individual needs of your child. I believe you’ll be very glad you did.

Maria Montessori once said, “one becomes a well-balanced adult only if one has fully been a child.”


Camilla Rovshan – Director