Zumba Club

Zumba Club – by Dance Arena/ Mr. Sergey Chislov

Zumba Club features the famous Zumba Fitness music, rhythms, and beats along with Zumba choreography broken into kid-friendly routines. Giving children an outlet to jump, dance, shake, and swing their hips, it’s the perfect recipe for fitness fun. Zumba Club also adds age-appropriate games and activities, helping children gain coordination, self-confidence, overcome fears; learn about teamwork, and much more. It’s a well-known fact that fitness is an essential part of children’s health. Zumba, is the perfect way to incorporate exercise into kids’ lives in a fun, easy way with multiple personal and social benefits. Additional benefits of Zumba include: Easy-to-follow moves, Improves fitness, Improves coordination, Increases self-confidence, Boosts self-esteem, Elevates mood, Encourages teamwork, Builds leadership skills, Improves memory, Develops creativity and imagination Encouraging kids to move and shake freely, Zumba Kids fitness programs are creative and varied, taking out the monotony and boredom of repetitive movements and adding dynamic dance moves instead. Zumba helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements such as leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, balance, cultural awareness.

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