We start with the basics – first, water safety, then move through the five levels of stroke development to build your aquatic skills. However, making it fun is always number one! Welcome to the Miami Swimming Academy where we make aquatics safe and fun. Your child will acquire basic through advanced swimming skills that will last them a lifetime. Our staff is highly professional and we have many years of experience working with children. From introduction through proficiency, we never pressure a child. We understand their possible apprehension, and as such we work with each child as an individual to help them gain confidence. Their comfort of being in the water is our foremost concern as we help them gain the confidence they need to progress. Our group classes are conducted in spotless commercial

pools that are professionally maintained.


Start on October 2017

Monday & Friday 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Group I
$100 per 4 class

*TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Monthly Tuition payments are due a week prior to the beginning of the following month. Monthly fees have been adjusted to reflect holidays, school breaks or other school closures. You can view the adjusted fees at our frontdesk. There will be no refund if the child is absent to enrolled classes.

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