Cooking Class

Cooking Class for Little Chefs


Cooking Club covers a range of topics to strengthen students’ understanding   of the relationship between our health, food, and ecosystem. After participating in the class, your child will have a deeper relationship with the food on their plate and a better understanding of where it comes from. In this special combination program, your child will have the opportunity to grow the very foods they cook! Our vision is to inspire an entire generation of healthy choosers–that is, kids who choose to eat healthy foods because they want to, not because they’re told to. Through this program, our goal is to inspire kids to enjoy cooking foods that are healthy and nutritious. Children will learn about cooking in a fun and safe environment. Kitchen fun will include International holiday cooking, measuring techniques, kitchen safety, child friendly recipes and an opportunity to try new foods. We provide all ingredients, supplies, tools, and materials, allowing kids to mix, do math, simmer science and Language skills are also developed through the introduction of new vocabulary and the use of expressive and receptive language skills.