Chess for kids
at Wonderland Montessori Academy


Our mission to broaden the horizons of young minds through chess

We believe that when a child learns the most complicated game in the world they will build self-confidence, develop self-learning tools and  learn how to evaluate their own decision making process.

Chess also teaches the importance of behavior management: making good choices and considering all possibilities.

The Chess Club offers a safe, nurturing environment for kids to learn abstract concepts and compete with each other in a mental game.


Start on Sep 2017

Friday 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

Group I
$80 per month

*TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Monthly Tuition payments are due a week prior to the beginning of the following month. Monthly fees have been adjusted to reflect holidays, school breaks or other school closures. You can view the adjusted fees at our frontdesk. There will be no refund if the child is absent to enrolled classes.

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